bioFranco Possemato was born in a small southern italian village where spent the first seven years of his life, after so many difficulties, left his homeland to the U.S. with grand mother and at last met with his parents. There he studied and gratuated, in 1981 took his degree:

Bachelor of Architecture Temple University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

In 1983 Master in Architecture and Building Design, Columbia University, N .Y. City, U.S.A.

The first indicative experience began with BJ Knowles Associates Architects and Planners in Philadelphia. (John Christopher Knowles, founding member of the department of architecture, adjunct Louis Kahn (1966—1969))

From here draws on his ideological construction: He worked successfully to many important projects along with Bridget Knowles (his teacher) for several years.

After his mother’s death, he back in Italy and worked as Executive Assistant of Bilateral Commission for Infrastructure USA in Italy, Executive at U.S. Department of Defence, US Navy in Italy.

But he wants to create and then decided to distinguish himself as project architect while continuing his academic experience in Italy and US. So Franco will be project architect of hospitals, homes, villas, churches, restorations of monuments, historical centres, international competitions; and will continue to be :

  • University lecturer of architectural design Temple University Aarchitecture Faculty Tyler School of Art, Roma Campus;
  • Visiting Professor at Temple University Architecture Faculty Tyler School of Art Philadelphia, PA, US.


This is a tribute to an architect who stood out among his contemporaries, he broke new ground and set new standards both in terms of his artistic skills and intellectual vision. He left an indelible mark and a fine example of excellence to future generations.

“an underlying vein of marked restlessness and the surprising never satisfied curiosity of the experimenter“

Maria Grazia, Franco‘s wife